Madness in Tokyo (pic)

2014-08-30 12:15:05 by Sicsophor

(Just to get this out of the way: I'm currently looking for a flash artist to help out with some of the art. Nothing major, just a few pictures that I can use as stills in the scenes, just to bring it that much more life. You will be credited and any prize money involved will be shared. Please PM me if you are interested. If you haven't seen the project yet, there are some clips in this 30 second channel trailer of mine:

This may be my final post until I finish it. Finals are finally over and now besides my job, I have a lot more time to sit and animate for hours on end. Here are some stats for anyone interested.

Frames: 4,788

Total time so far: 3.33 minutes. 

Kills so far: 5.

Scenes: Scene One 100% finished, Scene Two 60% finished, Final Scene 0% finished. 

5 kills might not seem like a lot for 3.33 minutes, but there is a lot more going on this time around. When I made the first cartoon Madness in Japan, I had nothing planned out. I waited till 3 days before the deadline to work on it. Because of that, everything was flat. The "choreography" was the complete opposite of dynamic, and everything was very repetitive and boring to watch. Madness in Tokyo fixes all of those problems 100%, especially the combat. I have made it a personal rule not to use the same move/action twice. And while I've mostly followed this rule, there are a few instances where the same move just worked well, and so I included it again. 

Currently I'm working with two talented artists, one sound designer and one composer. They have really stepped up their game and brought a whole new level to the animation. I hope you will enjoy it when it's finished. Minus the already mostly completed characters, the preview here is a very crude idea of what the final version will look like.



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2014-08-31 01:17:52

Really? 5 kills in 3 minutes?

Better be some pretty spectacular kills.

Sicsophor responds:

One dude gets his teeth smashed out with a hammer.


2014-08-31 09:47:55

Oooh, that sounds awesome! I'll be sure to check this out :D


2014-09-01 21:41:51

looks promissing